About Dawn Cleaves

I am passionate about art, social justice and the environment. I believe we can make this world a better place for all. Through art I hope to engage individuals to examine where we are in this small moment of time and place and then to act individually to create change that is larger than any of us. 

My art starts generally as a simple concept. I find my inspiration in nature and the social world around me. Ideas find their form, sometimes in the abstract. Other times they are representational. As I work, a conversation between myself and the piece begins. Sometimes it’s wildly collaborative.  Other times we battle it out.

What questions will you ask?

Why are we still fighting for equality? Why are we not making education a priority for all children? Why is racism rampant? Have we learned nothing from history? Why do people not understand that current environmental actions and GMOs threaten future food supply? Why are we looking to cure cancer, but not to prevent cancer? Do our laws demonstrate compassion to all?


Are you in? Will you do what it takes? Or is it business as usual?